BISS Ch Bo-k's Only you    
      BISS Ch. Bo-K don't mess with Texas  
      Ch. Bo-k's love me or leave me    
    Ch. Qui We will rock you @ Lonstar  
      Ch. Pequod Gatekeeper for Kennedy  
      Ch. Qui touche O'J at Parkview    
      Ch. Pequos J' Mason Dixie    
  Ch. Mackendrick the day the music dies @ LNSTR
(Buddy)     Can Ch. Sage n Sand Herman's Legacy  
      Ch.Mackendrick Tried Tested n Tru  
      Ch. Mackendrick Introduce me    
    Ch. Not dropping the ball Sagensand  
      Ch. Heavenly Justice RN ROM    
      Ch. Sunglo's Northern exposure    
      Ch. Sunglo's just a wink at midniite  
Ch. Briar Rose Kee to Celtic      
(Keegan)       Ch. Luckystars Jupiter    
      Ch. Ivy Rose Quincy      
      Lorraes Ivy Rose Dolly    
    BISS Ch. Allews Bit-a-swe't prous to party
      Ch. Bit-A-Swet's Dream of Allews  
      Ch. Allews Bit-A-Swet Charity    
      Allews unsinkable Molly B.    
  Ch. Fiveforks' Rondelle at Briar Rose    
(Dee)     Ch. Stardusr wizard of Oz of R J    
      Ch. Serenade's Little bag of tricks   
      Ch. Sunglo's Moon River serenade  
    Ch. Fiveforks Opal's quite a trick    
      Ch. Cyn-D's Jasper Jax    
      Fiveforks my girl with a pearl    
      Ch. Fivefork Nizhoni